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Cook with ease, precision and speed using Calor gas in your home. Cooking with gas offers instant heat and responsive temperature control to give you, and your food, the best results.

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cooking with gas at home

Gas cookers styled to suit you

From traditional, freestanding models to modern built in ovens and hobs, we offer a wealth of choice and colours to suit your kitchen and lifestyle. Our gas cookers combine the latest in technology with the best in modern design.

gas cookers range from calor gas

Cylinder or bulk tank supply

Whether you have a Calor bulk tank supply or want to use a gas cylinder, you can cook with Calor gas. All our domestic gas cookers can be powered from both, so it is simply a matter of choosing your model and colour.

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Calor’s bulk tank - the cylinder you know, bigger and better

Everyone is familiar with Calor's yellow gas cylinders. Think of our bulk tank for homes as a bigger cylinder, similar in size to an oil tank, with more complex technology, piped to a gas boiler in your home. This tank can bring you all the benefits of Calor gas off the natural gas grid, without the headaches of oil.

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