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Get instant hot water on demand for your dairy farm with Calor LPG gas.

We provide tailored energy solutions for dairy farmers all over Ireland.

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Instant hot water for your dairy farm with Calor LPG.

The average Irish dairy farm can be an expensive enterprise, with rising electricity costs, and expensive day rates for heating water. 

Calor Ireland is the only energy supplier to guarantee instant hot water at 85 degrees on demand. Voluntary milking systems (VMS) require instant hot water at 85 degrees to power the system.

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"We have all the hot water we need at any time, day or night and importantly it’s at the right temperature to ensure we maintain the hygiene level we need. We’ve definitely made savings since changing to gas."

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"People are switching to Calor Gas for many reasons but two of the main ones are efficiency and the delivery of instant hot water on demand at 85 degrees. We have seen an increase in VMS farmers switching to Gas heating who are all extremely happy"

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