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At Calor we understand that no two farm businesses are the same, but a distinct advantage of our Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) product is that it is flexible and can provide an energy solution for all types of farm businesses, in particular grain farming.

As with other aspects of farming, Irish farmers have looked to international best practice to drive down costs. Calor is the cleaner, efficient fuel for mobile and on-site grain drying. Why? LPG’s complete combustion process reduces the chance of grain combustion, water ingress or fuel sediment. This means a reduction in crop wastage and no tainting of the crop. Crops can be dried economically and efficiently to the correct levels for storage and onward sale. Farmers will also benefit from lower maintenance costs due to no soot build up.

Farmers across Europe are increasingly relying on Calor for their grain drying business as no other fuel offers the same combination of portability and accessibility while also delivering substantial cost reductions in terms of efficiency and burner maintenance reduction.  LPG is a cleaner, more efficient fuel that can make a real difference in reducing the carbon footprint of farms and agribusinesses In addition to the price savings and environmental benefits, LPG is easy to operate and allows for more efficient maintenance.  The cleaner burning properties of LPG also reduce the cost of maintenance.  The soot build up associated with other fuels does not occur with LPG.  

LPG’s complete combustion process reduces both the chance of grain combustion and the possibility of water ingress or fuel sediment contaminating the grain drying process.  The flexibility of LPG allows farmers to dry their grain to the exact specification that their customers require.  This enables them to preserve the quality of their crops and reduce waste. 

Why switch today?

  • Cleaner burning fuel

  • Reduced CO2 emissions

  • Traceability for supply chain “Farm to Fork”

  • Improved burner reliability

  • Reduced maintenance of burner

  • Highly controllable

  • No risk of fuel theft

  • No risk of spillage or tainting of produce

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