Portable Mini-BBQ

Calor's Mini BBQ
Cook on the go

The smartest piece of outdoor cooking kit you'll ever need.


Bring it

From back garden parties, to family holidays the Calor Mini-BBQ lets you bring the summer with you. Use it to sizzle steaks on the balcony, host a cookout in the back garden, or for burgers on the beach. Its sturdy handle and compact size make it a perfect travelling companion.


Unpack it

Designed in Ireland, the Mini-BBQ is stylish, clever and functional. Simply drop the handle, remove the lid, and open the base to reveal solid legs and a 400g gas cartridge and attachment. Use a lightweight 6kg gas cylinder if you are cooking for a crowd.


Chop it

The wooden lid cleverly doubles as a chopping board, so you can prep as you go. Use it for chopping salads and as a gorgeous serving plate. The only question is, what will you be cooking?

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Sizzle it

Barbeques are all about food and fun, so its good to know the Mini-BBQ's grilling plate is spacious enough to take up to eight burgers at a time. Instant heat and temperature control means your food is perfectly cooked, every time.


Eat it

The only thing left to do is to kick back and enjoy yourself. When the grilling is done the Mini-BBQ is easy to clean and store, ready for the next adventure.

It’s the perfect ingredient for outdoor cooking.

Calor Mini-BBQ


Make your summer sizzle

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