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Why upgrade your water heating supply? 5 good reasons to upgrade today.

Manning dairy farm

More people are making the upgrade to Calor gas powered energy solutions for their farms. Manning’s dairy farm in Kilkenny is just one of the many which has converted in recent times. They needed a reliable energy source to power the water heating needs for their DeLaval Voluntary Milking System (VMS) which requires a continuous supply of water heated to 85°C A rated, on demand.

But why are so many turning to Calor LPG powered water heating for their farms? We spoke to our experts to find out what are the top five reasons customers have moved to Calor and the benefits. 

Damien Shirkie is our farm energy expert here at Calor. He has over ten years’ experience of working in the energy sector and in particular the farming industry. Dairy, Poultry, Piggeries and Grain Drying are among the range of farm businesses that are using Calor as their energy supplier. Having worked closely with all of our farming customers, Damien cites 5 main reasons why farmers are choosing Calor:

5 Good Reasons:

  1. Instant Hot Water at up to 85°C.
    We are the only energy provider to guarantee an instant supply of hot water with temperatures of up to 85°C A rated achievable instantly. No waiting, no water rationing - you are guaranteed instant hot water at all times.  

  2. Hygiene Levels

Calor powered water heaters easily supply the large quantities of boiling water that are required each day to wash down milk lines and bulk milk storage tanks. The temperatures achievable mean that the Total Bacteria Count (TBC) of milk and contamination risks, such as thermoduric bacteria are under control minimising the need for chemical detergent use on dairy farms.

  1. Energy Efficient – running cost savings

    Water is only heated when needed and the need for storage is eliminated which means increased energy efficiency and reduced running costs.

  2. Never run out of fuel

    With our telemetry options, you will never run out of fuel. Telemetry allows us to monitor your usage and when you’re running low, we organise a top up for you so you never have to worry about running out of gas. 

  3. Environmental sustainability

    Calor LPG delivers in terms of environmental sustainability as it is a lower carbon fuel than both oil and electricity and with BioLPG on the way, there’s never been a better time to change. To find out more visit our BioLPG page. The new solution to saving our environment.


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