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Sir Richard Branson officially launches The Cool Planet Experience


As a founding partner of The Cool Planet Experience, Calor were delighted to attend the official launch of The Cool Planet Experience, an interactive exhibition centre focused on climate change, the environment and what we can do to make a positive impact, which was opened by Sir Richard Branson today in Powerscourt Estate, County Wicklow.

The Cool Planet Experience is Ireland's first interactive climate change experience, which will showcase the science of climate change, allowing visitors to experience changing weather patterns first hand. The Cool Planet Experience aims to educate visitors on the solutions to climate change and encourage debate on this most important of topics.

Calor has supported The Cool Planet Experience, since its inception in 2015, as a founding partner. The Cool Planet Experience was established by Norman Crowley, of Crowley Carbon, with the ambition of changing people’s mindset towards climate change, by focusing on how we can all help to create a healthy future for the planet, and empowering visitors to drive change.  

For Calor, this partnership is a perfect fit, as we too strive to do our part for the environment. With the launch of BioLPG in the beginning of 2018, Calor will become the first business to offer a 100% renewable energy source to gas users off the national gas network.

Commenting on the launch of The Cool Planet Experience: Sharon Nolan, Marketing Manager Calor: “We would like to extend a huge congratulations to Norman and all of The Cool Planet Experience team today on what was a fantastic launch. We are delighted to be a founding partner of The Cool Planet Experience, and the project’s passion for and commitment to the environment is a quality that we both admire and share. For over 80 years, Calor has been offering a cleaner energy solution to homes and businesses across Ireland.  Q1 2018 will Calor become the first Irish supplier of BioLPG, a 100% renewable energy source, delivering environmental benefits in a time where it has never been more important.”  



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