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Instant Hot Water for Dairy Farms with Calor Gas & Delaval

Pictured: Kilmacthomas farmer Kevin Kiersey stands proudly by his DeLaval milking system which is now powered by Calor.

DeLaval’s Voluntary Milking Systems (VMS) is the only milking robot on the market to avail of instant hot water heating from gas. This week has seen farmer Kevin Kiersey from Kilmacthomas, Co. Waterford switch to Calor to power his DeLaval’s VMS. Kevin is just one of many Irish farmers who has made the switch to Calor in 2017. With instant on-demand hot water, reliable efficiency and cost savings, it’s not hard to see why the numbers continue to rise.

DeLaval’s robotic VMS are continuality growing in popularity with Ireland being no exception. A country historically associated with agriculture and farming, figures show Ireland is no stranger to technology with farmers converting to ‘modern farming’ methods.

We spoke to our Business Development Manager Damien Shirkie who explained why farmers are recognizing the importance of a good energy partner to power and compliment their VMS:"People switching to Calor Gas for many reasons but two of the main ones are efficiency and the delivery of instant hot water on demand at 85 degrees. We have seen an increase in VMS farmers switching to Gas heating who are all extremely happy".

Pictured: Calor’s Business Development Manager Damien Shirkie with DeLaval’s Paul Kirwan stand with the Rinnai heaters on the day farmer Kevin Kiersey switched to Calor.

We also spoke to Paul Kirwan from DeLaval to get a deeper understanding of how Calor and DeLaval has become the perfect combination for dairy farmers:"DeLaval VMS is an excellent solution for Farmers. What farmers are looking for with VMS is to be efficient and to save time and labour while gaining management of the cows via our DeLpro management system. Calor have added cost savings on water heating to this efficiency by providing an excellent service and back up with on demand hot water when the farmer and VMS need it. VMS is a unique product with the addition of another unique selling point being the only milking robot on the market to avail of instant hot water heating from gas".


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