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With Calor Gas you can enjoy cosy central heating, hot water
on demand, the best of controllable cooking and even enjoy
the glow of a real flame fire.

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Do more with gas

Did you know just how many things Calor gas can power in your home? It's time to sit back and enjoy cosy central heating, instant hot water, controllable cooking, a real flame fire and efficient tumble drying.

All of this can improve the energy efficiency of your home by up to 30%.

No more headaches

When you switch to a Calor bulk tank from oil you can say goodbye to running out of fuel, and even fuel theft. We monitor your tank remotely and automatically top it up for you - ensuring you never run out. Our gas cannot be stolen, so you can rest assured your fuel stays secure in your tank.

The cylinder you know, bigger and better

Everyone is familiar with Calor's yellow gas cylinders. Think of our bulk tank for homes as a bigger cylinder, similar in size to an oil tank, with more complex technology, piped to a gas boiler in your home. This tank can bring you all the benefits of Calor gas off the natural gas grid, without the headaches of oil.

It's easy to make the move

12 Month Price Freeze Promise

As a new customer, Calor would like to give you peace of mind for the coming year, which is why we’ll give you a 12 month price freeze promise when you sign up.

Home Energy Grants

There is no better time to upgrade your heating system, as there are government grants available for upgrading to a high efficiency gas boiler & controls. Contact us for more details.

One day installation

Switching out your oil tank and boiler for a new Calor bulk tank and high efficiency gas boiler can be completed in just one day* by our panel of qualified installers.

*Subject to site survey

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We take care of everything

Our Home Energy Support Team are with you every step of the way and make sure your switch to Calor goes smoothly, with minimal disruption to your lives.

Trusted in homes all over Ireland

Hundreds of families made the move to Calor last year. View our Calor customer stories and see why so many are switching from oil to Calor central heating.

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Live off the natural gas grid
Currently using oil
Detached or semi-detached
Old boiler in need of replacement
Want to improve home energy efficiency by up to 30%
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