Am I due a refund on my empty cylinder?

In order to receive a refund on your empty cylinder you must have previously registered your cylinder with Calor Gas by completing a cylinder registration form and a copy of your receipt. If you still have a copy of your receipt for cylinder service charge we may be able to refund a percentage of sum paid please just contact Calor.

Can I use Calor gas cylinders to heat my home?

Yes. In most cases, you will have a bulk tank installed at your home if you install Calor Gas for your central heating. However, if there is no appropriate site for the tank, then we can supply 4 large cylinders which are connected to your central heating system.

Do cylinders have any type of seal?

Our 11.34kg, 5kg and Patio gas cylinders all have a green cap with a red seal. For your safety, never accept cylinders where the seal has been broken. If the red seal is not intact, the cylinder may not have been filled by Calor.

Do I need to pay an initial charge if I don’t have a bottle to start with?

Yes, you will need to pay a cylinder service charge which covers the cost and maintenance of the cylinders.

How do I know which regulator to use?

Click Here for information on suitable regulators.

I have inherited unwanted empty Calor cylinders and I would like to know how to dispose of them?

You can bring your empty cylinders to your local Calor retailer and they will take them from you.

What if I already have oil central heating but want to use gas for cooking or install a gas fire?

Many people prefer to cook using gas or to enjoy a gas fire. If you do not use Calor for your central heating, we can provide a twin pack cylinder supply (2 x Red 34kg Cylinders) for a gas oven, hob or fire.

What is the cost of the initial charge on a cylinder?

This varies between cylinder size and type. Please ask your local Calor retailer and they will let you know.

What is the difference between butane and propane?

Propane (bulk tanks, large red and green cylinders and grey patio cylinders) has a lower boiling point (conversion from liquid to gas) than butane (yellow cylinders) and is stored at a higher pressure, so it is more suitable for storage outdoors. Butane’s boiling point is around 0ºC, so in colder conditions around this temperature, it will not work.

Where can I return to my empty cylinder to?

Your cylinder may be returned to any Calor dealer in your area.

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