How often will the bulk tank be filled?

The frequency of delivery will be dependent upon your usage. There are two delivery options Top Up and Order Only.

I am a top-up customer, how do Calor know when the bulk tank needs to be filled?

With innovative technology we monitor your usage and arrange a top up of gas when needed.

If I am an order only customer, how do I know when the gas is running low?

There is a contents gauge on the top of the tank. When the gauge reads 30%, you need to order.

Do Calor supply and install boilers?

For further information use the Contact Us form on the Website or contact Calor for the Republic of Ireland on 1850 812 450 or for Northern Ireland on 028 9045 5588

Where can I find an approved RGII/Gas Safe installer?

For Republic of Ireland go to the Registered Gas Installers of Ireland website. For Northern Ireland go to Gas Safe Register website

Who owns the LPG Storage tank?

Calor. For more information please refer to our Terms and Conditions

Automated Payment System

1850 812 450