Can I add an additional name / nominate someone to my account?

Yes. To permit an individual to access your Calor account, download the following nomination form. Please note that Calor can accept payments from non-account holders however we will not disclose any information relating to your Calor account such as your account balance to the non-account holder.

In accordance with the Data Protection Acts of 1988 and 2003 for Republic of Ireland customers and the Data Protection Act 1998 for Northern Ireland customers, Calor will not disclose any information relating to your Calor account to a non-account holder unless you have provided the permission for the non-account holder to access such information via a nomination form.

Please note that a returned and completed nomination form provides the permission for a non-account holder to access your Calor account and that you are consenting to that person having access to any and all information to do with that Calor account.

Please allow five working days for your Calor account to be updated.

Calor Account Nomination Form »

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Can I avail of paperless billing?

Yes, just register your account at and select the option for paperless billing. Please ensure your email address is correct when registering for My Calor Gas.

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