BioLPG Calor Patio Cylinders

BioLPG is a fully traceable and certified renewable energy.   It is identical in composition to LPG and is stored in a ‘pool’ with conventional LPG.  BioLPG has displaced a proportion of standard LPG.  
Customers choose to buy a BioLPG product which has displaced the LPG product.  A cylinder of Calor BioLPG displaces either 6kg or 11kg of standard LPG.  
This approach is called a mass balance and it is the industry standard approach for managing the calculation of pooled energy.   It is the same approach which is adopted with renewable electricity.  When you go to buy electricity from your electricity provider, you may pick a renewable electricity package.  That does not mean that your energy comes from wind or solar, but rather that your electricity demand displaces conventional energy at some point. Gas like electricity is essentially a pooled product which comes from a number of sources
The mass balance system allows for the mandatory tracking of whether a corresponding amount of BioLPG was fed into the overall Calor gas supply at a different point for a certain amount of conventional LPG that was withdrawn from the overall Calor gas supply. The mass balance system has to document and verify the entire path through the Calor supply from the production to consumption. 
We have allocated BioLPG against all of our 6kg and 11kg patio cylinders volume and this allocation is fully certified.


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