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The Most Defining Moments in Music Festival History

From Folk to Funk, music festivals have gone on to define generations, defy status quos and become pinnacle moments in musical history. Whether it’s Jimi Hendrix setting a guitar ablaze, Phil Collin’s cross-continental Live Aid performance or looking back at the now infamous 100 Club Punk Special festival that saw the Sex Pistols simultaneously arrested and signing a record contract.

It doesn’t have to be the defining performance of an artist’s career or a bold political statement – it could simply be a historically good time; so good we’re still talking about it decades later despite not even being there. These are the moments the likes of which many have tried, and failed, to replicate. Little did they know it at the time, but these musicians and music-lovers were setting the tone for what was to be an era of unforgettable festivals that continues today.

From ground-shaking bass lines and ground-breaking performances, The Most Defining Moments in Music Festival History is dedicated to the punks, hippies and fence-jumpers who paved the way for festival culture today – one mud-soaked wristband at a time.