Working Outdoors

The Greengear range of LPG powered outdoor appliances from Calor will help you work cleaner and save energy costs.

 Explore the benefits of Greengear

Why switch to LPG powered outdoor appliances?

  • At least 40% fuel savings* compared to petrol
  • Calor cylinders and cartridges are certified safe
  • Noise reduction means less stress
  • Cleaner, tidier, and less frequent refuelling
  • Eco-friendly with reduced emissions and no smoke trail
  • Increased engine life, reduced maintenance, better performance
*Correct as of Jan 2016

LPG powered generators

Portable and powerful

Our LPG Power Generators are hardworking and reliable, whatever the situation. Their powerful, quiet engines run smoothly and are ideal for producing electricity in emergencies, on job sites, and at off the grid locations. All our gas powered generators come with an electric or recoil start.

Range of sizes

These cost effective gas generators are perfect for powering mobile catering vans and keeping the crowds fed. The smaller range of generators are ideal for camper van owners who want a flexible source of electricity when travelling.

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GE2000E 212cc Electric 230v 2.3 kW
GE3000 208cc Electric 110v / 230v 32amp / 16 amp 3.1 kW
GE5000 390cc Electric 110v / 230v 2x32amp / 1 x 32amp 5.5kW
GE6000 420cc Electric 110v / 230v 2x32amp / 1 x 32amp 6.5 kW
GE7000 445cc Electric 110v / 230v /400v 2x32amp / 1 x 32amp 7.5 kW
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LPG powered water pumps

Lightweight and efficient

When you need to pump water you can depend on a Calor powered Greengear Water Pump. Suitable for use in civil and agricultural applications, our models offer outputs ranging from 416 l/m up to 1166 l/m.

Range of outputs

Use our lightweight aluminium water pumps in emergency situations, for draining or aerating fish ponds, or pumping water in and out of boat docks. The WP-3S model features high moving water volume with solid handling capabilities. This includes the ability to empty large areas containing sewage material.

WP 2 2” Recoil 416 l/m 7m / 22ft 30m/98.4 ft
WP 3 3” Recoil 700 l/m 7m / 22ft 25m/82.2 ft
WP 4 4” Recoil 1166 l/m 7m / 22ft 25m/82.2 ft
WP 3S (sewage) 3” Recoil 750 l/m 8m / 25.6ft 25m/82.2 ft
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Use any Calor propane cylinder with the Greengear range

Cylinder range

View our complete Calor gas cylinder range and find your nearest local retailer.

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Choose Safety, Choose Calor

View our gas cylinder safety video for more information on the safety and quality checks we carry out on our cylinders.

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