Heat that moves with you

Sometimes you just need to heat the space or room you are in. In that case don’t waste money heating the whole house; get instant heat, when and where you need it.

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Performance plus style

From the country stove style of the Provence, to the sharp clean lines of the Manhattan, our range of portable heaters are designed to suit all tastes and budgets. Choose the style that complements your home. These are some of our most popular mobile heaters:

The country chic looks of the solid cast iron Provence will add heat, ambience and style to country cottages, traditional, and modern homes.

Those looking for clean, contemporary lines and easy portability need look no further than the Manhattan. In-built castors make this heater especially easy to move about.

Totally self-contained, easy to move around and will warm any room in minutes, the Super Heat is for those with less of a budget to spend.

Cost effective and portable

Powered by neatly concealed Calor gas cylinders, our mobile heaters are portable and cost effective. Say goodbye to chilly rooms, instead enjoy the warmth and cosiness of a Calor heated room!

Calor gas cylinders

We offer a range of safety and quality checked gas cylinders to fuel your Calor portable heater.

View our cylinder range.

Choose Safety, Choose Calor

View our gas cylinder safety video for more information on the safety and quality checks we carry out on our cylinders.

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