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A secure energy source

As part of the largest global distributor of LPG, SHV Energy, Calor provides access to global best practice in energy innovation, tailored by local experts to your business needs. Our fuel supply is largely sourced from our Whitegate refinery in Co. Cork, with the remainder sourced within Europe and the US.

Efficient fuel supply

Calor's Irish infrastructure includes sea terminals in Cork, Dublin and Belfast, with additional strategic storage sites in Claremorris and Sligo. These are supported by the largest LPG tanker fleet in Ireland. Combined with our logistics and automatic telemetry technology, this enables us to ensure efficient, continually optimised, fuel supply. In turn, this delivers reduced costs for Calor business customers.

We make installation and planning easier

Tailored pricing gives flexibility

We offer tailored pricing mechanisms for larger customers designed to suit your particular business circumstances. This gives a greater degree of control, enabling you to monitor usage and costs, allowing you to plan your budgets for the year ahead.

Project management excellence

Each business has individual needs. That’s why we create complete custom-made energy solutions designed specifically for your company. Our teams are available to project manage each aspect of your installation, from design and consultation through the project phases, as required.

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