Hospitality & Catering

We understand that in hospitality and catering your business is always 'on'. In fact the success of your enterprise can rely on efficient energy management.

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Complete energy solutions

Calor brings extensive experience to our clients in this sector, from large-scale venues and hotels to busy restaurants and guesthouses. Our Energy Advisors, in partnership with clients, consistently deliver solutions that save money, conserve energy, and reduce carbon emissions for their businesses.

Cook with confidence

In a busy kitchen, energy management and performance is crucial. Cooking appliances powered by Calor Gas give kitchen staff the confidence and speed of working with immediate temperature, visible flame, and precision cook quality.

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Instant hot water

Our instant water heaters provide infinite hot water, on demand - which means you never run out during those peak business periods. Relax, knowing your customers can expect hot water when they need it.


Economical laundry

From standalone dryers to full in-house laundry facilities, Calor Gas powered tumble dryers offer fantastic savings compared to those running on electric.

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