LPG Power Generator GE-7000

LPG Power Generator GE-7000

The GE-7000E LPG Power Generator is easy to operate with a simplified power control center. Other items included are never-flat tires, high leverage handles and tool kit. Use it for emergencies, job sites and off the grid locations where you need electricity.

Power technology: automatic voltage regulation.

Price: €1080.00.

Generator GreenGear 2kw lpg

The GE-2000E LPG Power Generator provides you power at the jobsite, at home, or for recreational use. It is ready with clean, quiet power for any occasion and completely safe for even the most sensitive electronics.

This Greengear generator has a circuit breaker switch, that when activated - protects the generator against power overloads. All Greengear generators are equipped with an electric key start ignition, eliminating the difficulty of manual ignitions.

For more information on the generator features, see below:

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Engine GG6GN - 4 stroke
Displacement 445 cc
LPG / Propane Technology  Enerkit Basic
Start Mode Electric and Recoil Start
Rated Voltage 110 V / 230 V
Rated Frequency 50 HZ
Rated Output 7.0 kW
Max Output 7.5 kW
Dimensions 68 cm x 55 cm x 59 cm / 26.7" x 21.6" x 23.2"
Net Weight 89kg / 196 lbs
Noise level at 7m 72dB
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