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Calor provides a full range of tailored energy solutions for farms and businesses right across the agricultural sector.

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Dairy Farmers

Calor powered instant water heaters can provide an ideal solution for dairy farmers. They produce a reliable and infinite hot water supply on demand, with temperatures of up to 85°C achievable for your milking parlour. This makes them ideal for supplying the hot water needed to wash milk lines and bulk milk storage tanks. As water is heated only when required, hot water storage costs are eliminated.

Grain Drying

Calor Gas is the cleaner, efficient fuel for mobile and on-site grain drying. LPG’s complete combustion process reduces the chance of grain combustion, water ingress or fuel sediment. This means a reduction in crop wastage and no tainting of the crop. Crops can be dried economically and efficiently to the correct levels for storage and onward sale. Farmers will also benefit from lower maintenance costs due to no soot build up.

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Calor powered heating systems provide a cleaner and economical energy solution for horticultural businesses. LPG burns cleanly with virtually no soot, preventing tainting of produce. Our heating systems provide frost protection and consistent temperatures while LPG indirect heaters can be used to optimize CO2 levels and reduce moisture. This allows horticulturalists to maximise flower growth and increase crop yields.



Calor Gas powered heaters burn efficiently and cleanly. Unlike oil or electricity, the heat they produce contains just the right amount of moisture to encourage rapid, even feathering, and faster weight gain.



Pig farmers can benefit from a Calor powered energy solution for heating their rearing sheds. Switching to a high efficiency LPG powered boiler system will deliver energy efficiency and enable control systems to be utilised to meet the varying needs within the pig farm. Energy use can be minimised and costs reduced.

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