Guarantee them the warmest welcome

If you're rightly proud of your B&B's reputation as a home away from home, you'll always want to ensure that your guests are as happy when they leave as when they arrive.

Switch to your own tailored Calor energy solution, and you can relax in the knowledge that your guests will never be wanting for hot water, warm towels or hot showers on demand.

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Dry laundry in any weather

Every day is a good drying day with the Speed Queen tumble dryer. Its moisture sensor technology detects when towels and sheets are dry and switches itself off, delivering perfect results and cost efectiveness.

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Hot showers On Demand

Your guests will enjoy the comfort of hot showers whenever they choose thanks to our instantaneous water heaters. The system only heats water when it is required, meaning you do not have to heat, or store hot water in advance.

Hearty Breakfast

Serve up a hearty breakfast with gas powered controllable cooking. Our range of Calor gas cooking appliances offer you the economy and confidence of precision cook quality, immediate temperature and visible flames.

2000 Litres of Free Gas for B&Bs!

Switch to a tailor-made energy solution from Calor for your B&B.

  • Calor for Water Heating
    Up to 500 litres of free gas
  • Calor for Tumble Drying
    500 Litres
  • Calor for Central Heating
    1500 litres of free gas
  • Calor for Catering
    500 litres of free gas
Alternative offers for Calor Cylinder Gas customers apply; check Terms and Conditions for details.

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