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In the event of an emergency please dial the following numbers:

Republic of Ireland

24 Hours:
01 2916229

Northern Ireland

During business hours:
028 90458466
Outside business hours:
0845 0755588

Bulk Tank Supply

Calor propane is easily stored in bulk gas tanks on your premises. Propane performs best at low temperatures, so is ideal for storing outdoors all year round. LPG can even be stored underground, so tanks can be installed by us and accessed out of sight in your garden. Once an underground tank is in, you won’t even know it’s there, apart from when we come to fill it.

Calor bulk tanks also come equipped with an automated telemetry system that constantly monitors your fuel level and automatically tells us when you need a top-up. This means you don’t have to do a thing or ever check your levels yourself – and with a nationwide fleet of tankers on the road all year round, you’ll always be in constant supply.

We’re so convinced of this system keeping you in gas for as long as you need it that we give a Supply Guarantee. Our promise to customers on telemetry or automatic top-up is that, if we fail to top up your gas tank on the same day as a reported run-out*, we will give you 10% off the cost of your next fuel fill. This guarantee stands as a measure of our confidence in being able to keep our customers supplied with Calor Gas.

*Terms and Conditions apply